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As you all know, I am a Grell. A neutral evil aberrant and denizen of the dreaded Underdark. And like other Grells, I expand and devour. But even as we Grells expand and devour, there are some things so vile, so wickedly evil even we cannot fathom inflicting them on others. For though Grells may use out beaks to devour, we have never once pondered attacking the fundamental human rights of surface people. While Grells may not entirely understand human gender, we none the less have always and will always respect the intrinsic personhood each and every one of you have. Because to Grells, cisgender and transgender people all taste the same!

But for real, given the harrowing and constant attacks the Trump administration enacts against Queer and especially Trans people, I just want to let you all know that I see you, I love you and I will continue to fight for you as best as I possibly can. Trans people have always and will always exist, and our society is always better off for it. And while small minded and smaller handed men in suits and fake smiles continue to try to deny basic human rights to one of the most vulnerable populations in the United States, they cannot take away the beautiful existence and contributions transgender people have made, make and will continue to make. Our society is better off with you in it. I love you all. And it’s okay to feel down. It’s okay to take time off for self-care. These are some dark times. But none the less, continue to create. Continue to game. Continue to write. Continue to sing and dance and celebrate your stories. Continue to share with the world. Your voice is needed and valued. Now especially more than ever.


The Grell’s Custom Character Sheets

Hey Fangrells! I like making character sheets for the systems and games I run. But what good are they if I don’t share them? So check it, they’re all free to use so long as you don’t claim them as your own, and you let me know what you think! The latter is honestly more a request than a stipulation for use.

I will continue to update this particular post with the sheets I make. Enjoy!

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
Red Steel

Adventure Game Engine
Magus Mundi (Homebrewed Modern AGE setting)*UPDATED*
Fallout (Fallout AGE hack)

Star Trek
Far Trek
LUG Trek
Star Trek Adventures

Star Wars
WEG 1st Edition

Some Random Events!

Here are some random pictures from some games I’ve run or been running, and also a random four way card game! I haven’t updated in a while, so I thought why not?

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
This is a really fun card game. I left the TCG scene back in like 2001? 2002? But have been playing a few less than collectible games. What I really like about this one is that the art is above phenomenal, the game play is interesting and fun, and it’s not one of those games where you need to constantly buy boosters and stuff. I say like it’s a bad thing, but I mean, we have bought a tonne of the expansions.

Dungeons and Dragons (3e)
Some scenes from a 3e D&D game I am running for a small group, mostly my house. We have the final confrontation with the boss in a Kobold dungeon, and a shot from my DMing screen. Also, that’s just 3e D&D. Yup, just good ol’ 3e.
3e D&D 13e D&D 2

Savage Worlds
I ran a random event at a gaming store by me. The only people who showed were my normal group, and a friend we hadn’t seen in a while. It was nice catching up, even if the event was kind of a flop, and she’s been joining us for other games since! So I guess it wasn’t a total flop
Savage Worlds

Shadowrun: Anarchy
We played a few sessions, but we kind of stopped because my Husbutch couldn’t really get into it. But Cyberpunk’s not really her cup of meat, so it’s all good. She had fun though, but I didn’t want to be like “suck it up” when I have so many other games we can play, haha

Let’s Do a Homebrew!


Welcome to the first installment of Let’s Do A Homebrew! Hereafter referred to as LDH. I’m going to use this little series to like showcase building a homebrewed setting. As time goes on I may venture into different homebrew ideas, or just like idea dump in this series. I don’t yet know. What I do know, though, is that for the foreseeable future I’ll be using this series to showcase a homebrewed fantasy setting. But the Grell! you say, will you still be doing your game reviews? I need them to LIVE. Of course I will. I just feel like this blog can and should be used for more. Plus I doubt you actually need my reviews to live. Seems a bit hyperbolic. I appreciate the sentiment though. I really do. You’re simply too kind.

So, the first thing to do when deciding you’re going to make a homebrew is to have a game in mind. You can make your own. And one of these days the Grell will showcase some of her very own systems. But for now, let’s just assume we don’t want to do all that work. Pretty much any favourite system works. I know a lot of people love to use D&D, for example. I am going to use Fantasy AGE. If you’re unfamiliar, you can read my review here (although now I am sceptical that you really need my reviews to live…). Anywho, like any good homebrew, I’ll be making a bunch of my own stuff and tinkering and adding house rules. Who doesn’t love world building and setting specific rules?

So, when coming up with your homebrew, it’s good to kind of think about what sort of setting you want to do. Fantasy AGE presumes high fantasy, like many role playing games that are based in Tolkienesque faux-mythology. So wizards and warriors, dwarves and elves and all that. Standard High Fantasy is really a fine model, but it’s not the one I want to use right now. So the first thing I am going to decide on is that there won’t be any of the standard fantasy races. Goodbye elves, dwarves. For now, I will be taking humans as a given, and I don’t know at this phase if I even want other people to populate this world.

I also know off the bat that though Standard High Fantasy loves an armchair historian version of mediæval Europe, I don’t want to be heavily influenced by that so much as other cultures from other parts of our own world, and of course my imagination. If you’re thinking about homebrewing, but your only real points of reference are other table top role playing games or mediæval Europe, you might consider taking some time to learn, really learn, about other fascinating histories and cultures our own world has. Be careful to not just slap a Japanese veneer on that faux-mediæval Europe, though. If you’re going to draw from other cultures, be appreciative, not appropriative. I mean, yes, on one hand it’s a game, but on the other hand, if you’re drawing from the real world for inspiration, it’s always best to be respectful of the actual folks and myths you’re drawing from. For example, outside of my own culture, the best working knowledge I have is of Chinese history and culture (I minored in it, I’d better have a decent knowledge, haha). But for this Fantasy AGE setting, I think I want to assign myself a lot of homework. So I am going to initially look at the histories of East Africa (specifically the Swahili coast), the Sassanid Empire and the Mughal Empire. But of course, this will also first and foremost be a fantasy setting. So just as popular settings like Greyhawk draw on Europe but aren’t bound by it, I too will draw from the places mentioned but not be bound by them. And these inspirations are subject to change or be further defined as I go. But for now, that gives me the kind of feeling I want to begin with. Perhaps my first city will be something like mediæval Zanzibar.

I’ll be sticking to Fantasy AGE’s core classes pretty closely. So players will have the option to play a mage, rogue or warrior. I will, however, reflavour and change a little bit about each. I know that I don’t want to have a lot of gunpowder weapons, so I know there will be some changes made to the core book’s weapon groups. I have some ideas on magic, which are more from my imagination than from any one specific worldly culture, so I’ll get into that as I detail the world more. I’ll kind of fluctuate between giving advice and giving a behind the scenes look at how I am detailing this fantasy world as I go.

So to recap, we’re going to have:
‣ Humans and maybe some other, non-standard fantasy races
‣ Mages, rogues and warriors
‣ No gunpowder tech
‣ Inspiration from the Swahili Coast, Sassanid and Mughal Empires

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this introduction. I’ll post the next installment soon. Any and all feedback is highly appreciated, as always. Game on, game players! Grell Out! (I’m trying to find a good tag line)

Who am I and am I really CR3?

Welcome. I am The Grell. Or sometimes Miranda. Whichever. I am a Grell, a denizen of the Underdark, and I do have some psionic abilities. Also a beak for pecking. And I am totally CR3, so watch out novice adventurers!

Anyway, going to use this space to blog about gaming, both tabletop and video games. And blogs will likely run the gamut of my musings, session recaps, pictures from games I play. Really, it’s just for fun. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and enjoy.