Did you just send us to your favourite restaurant?

Friday, July 14th 1995 starts out in a bit of a haze for the five seemingly random strangers all visited by a mysterious industrial-goth guardian angel the night before. Parker decides that though it may not be his normal style, if there are going to be deranged mages after him he should have some protection. A shotgun and a saw later, he finds himself with a capable, if illegal,means of protection. Elizabeth decides that a taser is the safest option for a woman in her position. Both of them waffle on meeting at the mysterious address given to them by Tegan the night before.

Sandra, with little else to do and more questions than answers, decides to walk from her apartment in Southside to the address that she discovers is across the city and on Alba, AKA Crackhead Island.

When Nicole wakes up she discovers that last night was definitely not a strange dream. The sharpie on her hand gives her the address to meet, and more curious than cautious, she sets off in the early afternoon on her bike, taking a scenic ride through the city toward her destination.

Given that Parker not only has the time, but also the instinct of an investigator, after arming himself he heads to the address. Driving through the recent Government Projects that have sprung up on the north end of the island gives him a certain sense of caution, but as he continues toward his destination he discovers that as he passes the current building projects and low income housing, there are large swaths of land, scenic forest flanking the long island road. He comes to his destination, finding a well hewn fence of limestone, a wrought iron gate leading to a mansion that were it not for the neglect and obvious fire damage, would be one of the most immaculate he’s ever seen. Curious as to why the girl would send him here, he takes his time walking the perimeter of the gated property, only to find it is massive.

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Caledonia is the city where most of the game will take place. The home base of the campaign, as it were. Sure, your adventures may take you elsewhere, but Caledonia is the place you call home.

Like many cities in the 1990s, Caledonia is built on the past and looking toward the future. It is sprawling and diverse, with its own inner workings, politics and culture. It is a microcosm of the world around it, and a place that the characters will help bring to life!

At A Glance

First settled 1789
Founded 1801
Incorporated (city) 1832
• Mayor Richard Ross (R)
• Common Council Municipality
Population (1990)
• City 328,123
• County 968,532
Demonym(s) Caledonian

White 50.4%
Black / African American 38.6%
Hispanic and Latino 10.5%
Asian 3.2%

The map is a perpetual work in progress, with sites to be added and changed as the game continues! But for now, this is the map that they players have of their city


Full Size Map

What the Fuck..?

Wednesday, July 12th 1995 in Caledonia starts out like so many others. It is a pleasant mid-summer day, Caledonian adults go about their normal business, while Caledonian kids enjoy a lazy afternoon during their summer vacation.

Elizabeth Falls is a career woman, head of her specific R&D department at Acheron Industries. She clicks through slide after slide, careful to avoid the word ‘synergy’ no matter how many times it pops up on the corporate approved slides. Today she is walking a new team through what is expected of them working not only under her management, but also for Acheron. Her assistant manager Gregg concludes the meeting and leads the new team on while Elizabeth gets to work on a mountain of paper work. It looks like it’ll be a long few nights.

Parker Chea is a private investigator and street running enthusiast, who mixes his passion with work to provide for himself and help out his family. While waiting on a page about one of his current investigations, someone cheating on someone, he can’t even remember which spouse is cheating any more, he decides to catch up on some training at one of Caledonia’s premiere fitness centres. It is there that a guy strikes up a conversation with him, complementing him on his street running and chatting a little while they both catch their breath between exercises. A beep from the pager cuts the conversation short, as Parker heads out for another night of hiding in alleyways taking picture for spouses.

Nicole Farris is getting ready to play a mid-week gig at Charlie’s Place, a not so underground underground club on Main Street in Maxwell. Her band, Maelstrom, has been having some issues with drummer Dan, who has been showing up to gigs drunk, and not showing up to rehearsals at all. Tonight isn’t much different, Dan’s already pregamed, and though he swears he’s good to go because he’s “Keith fuckin’ Moon!”, he can’t seem to keep a hold of his drumsticks. A heated argument between Nicole and Dan ends when Jake, the bassist, jumps in and breaks it up, telling Dan to sober up before the gig, and leading Nicole off to cool down. Despite the rough start, the band has a good night.

Sandra “Fireclaw”, so named for her mean right hook, spends a quiet Wednesday afternoon hanging out and working out at Noice Park before getting some greasy though amazingly good lunch from Meatcher Street Bazaar. A bit of an outsider since her life went south, she’s been making a meager living off of underground cage fighting in Southside while continuing to live off of the savings her parents left her. Her boring week perks up when she gets home and receives a call from “The Boss”, one of the men who sets up the fights. It’s short notice, and sketchy, but the money is too good to pass up. Besides, she didn’t have any other plans for tomorrow night anyway.

Dante Edwards always has trouble sleeping around this time of year. Tomorrow will be eleven years since his life completely changed, but he tries desperately to put it out of his mind and focus on work. Today he’s meeting some clients at Caledonia Park, to scope out the surroundings for ideal wedding photography. While the bride to be trusts the professional’s opinions on scenery, no location, no angle, no exposure is good enough for groomzilla. An hour turns into two, into three while he tries to appease the finicky, dramatic groom. Finally agreeing on the plan, the soon to be married couple goes on their way while Dante heads home. Before he leaves the park, the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, but he sees nothing around. Must be the time of year.

One city, five seemingly unrelated individuals…
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Magus Mundi

Magus Mundi

What is Magus Mundi? Magus Mundi is a roleplaying game that uses Green Ronin’s Modern AGE system, with added content from the Fantasy AGE companion.

Magus Mundi is a game that takes place in a world close to our own, but slightly different. Through the looking glass, into an Earth of the 1990s where Mages and Magic exist alongside Monsters of Ancient Legend and Cryptids of Modern Lore. All existing just below the surface of a world that is about to have definitive proof that the arcane exists!

But to put a finer point on it, the game takes place just as the Player Characters are learning that there is a magical world just beneath the mundane. The PCs still have day jobs and obligations, family and friends. But they’ve just been thrust into a world they’ve only dreamed about.

Although the game is set in an Urban Fantasy version of Earth, Magus Mundi games are centered in the city of Caledonia, a fictional and deliberately ambiguously placed modern city somewhere in America (or possibly Canada).

The game will take place with the PCs starting as mundane people, unaware of a magical world (totes not cliché), when something happens and they find themselves awakened to the magical world around them, and thrust into a battle they never knew existed. But of course their mundane lives don’t go away, so they have to balance their jobs, family and so on against their new abilities. They’ll have a mentor, some mystical aid that will help them learn to control and use their new found powers in a war against probably Necromancers!

I’ll be posting updates on the setting regularly, and you can look forward to house rules and actual play soon!

Also! Check out the custom character sheet here!