Lalwë’s Journal – Entry Two

So… wow. Where to start? Well, journal, we got to the village. And it was a little weird. Hawky started a bit of a fight with some crows, but the village was kind of weird. No kids really. Well, a few, but they were either attached to something, or had bells. The village’s tavern wasn’t keen on us bringing a Fen in, so Janna decided to stay outside to watch them. More on that in a little bit.

Roxy… Roxy doesn’t know what alcohol is. Duran ordered some drinks and it wasn’t long before the Rhydan were both getting into mischief. Roxy mostly rubbed a pint that Duran ordered on her hands and arms. I don’t know if it was the fumes, or maybe an allergic reaction, but she got a little loopy. Hawky and Duran, well I’ll be honest journal, I don’t know if they are comrades in arms or bitter enemies. Duran has called Hawky every bird but a hawk, and Hawky has been calling Duran ‘metal head’. He informed me it’s because of the helmet. Neither is trying to kill the other, so I guess it’s a guy thing?

We retired to a common room to sleep, because it’s all the village had to offer. Not exactly the lap of luxury, but we are quite far into frontier land. And it wasn’t too bad. During the middle of the night we awoke to a small girl in our room. Her name was Chant and I’ll be honest, journal, we got more helpful information out of her than we did the adults. She told us that friends had gone missing, and that she has to wear a bell so her parents know where she is. Didn’t seem to be working too well, because she escaped her home in the middle of the night and got into the tavern. She was worried because she thought that her fear of heights would prevent her from becoming an adventurer, but she really wanted to see us because we adventure. The boys mostly ignored her, but me and Roxy talked to her, and she even gave Roxy a present (it was a bell). We took her home afterwards to make sure she was safe.

Oh! So, during the next day two things. One, the bath was kind of cold, and… no, sorry. One, Hawky saw some Fens creeping in the woods outside town, but before he could follow too far, they were gone. Two, Janna and the Fen are missing! I hope she’s alright, but being the superior staff fighter she is, I know she can fend for herself while we take care of more pressing matters. After all, a Sovereign’s Finest is a capable person, and these villagers need our help.

So we went into the forest and it wasn’t soon before we were surrounded by Fens. But these Fens didn’t want to fight. One of them spoke broken Aldin and asked us to come speak with the Mud Mother. Yes, that title is exactly what you’d expect. She was a very clear spoken woman, and offered us her tribe’s hospitality. But also, she was very frail and very pregnant. And the Bodrougille eggs. Hawky threw it up onto Duran. It was pretty funny, but I declined to try them. Ew. Sorry. She told us exactly what I suspected, that the Fens were having their children stolen too! And that there was a local legend, that in the lake bed there was a trapped curse, and draining the lake for a town unleashed this curse! Obviously we have to get to the bottom of this, so we went into the swamp to find the heart of the curse.

A dilapidated mansion greeted us. Roxy got terrified, started squeeing about a lady in white, and how her face contorted and tried to eat her. But whatever it was, it was in the manor. Duran wasted no time, he took his maul to the door and we went in. But Hawky and I could see there was arcane energy in the air. As we stepped in, the manor door slammed behind us. But wait, Lalwë, wasn’t the door smashed? Yes! But it reappeared. And that was the least of our worries. A flash of blinding light and suddenly we’re all kids. Twelve. Gravicarius’ third nipple this is the worst day ever. Being twelve was terrible, and the very first thing that went through my mind was all the village kids saying I looked like a boy. Great, so now there’s that. Duran’s hair is really funny, though. He used to cut it himself. And poor Hawky is a molting baby hawk. So cute. I don’t think Roxy realizes anything happened. Twelve. I am ashamed to say that it got the better of me and I may have been a little moody at first. Fine, a lot moody. But it was a difficult age for me. We resigned ourselves to finding out what’s going on after Hawky and Duran both calmed me. But this place is just full of arcana. A dining room had an illusion of fine foods and I should have known better, but being in a weird place and also seeing Grandma’s chocolate cake… well, let’s just say I almost ate rotted table gunk. Duran smashed the table though. Guess he wasn’t buying it. Maybe I just wanted it. I wonder what he saw though. Anyway, I might have lost my cool again, but dear Hawky brought me back. I’m fine now. I’m not twelve, even if I look it, and even if this is somehow permanent, I can grow my hair and take care of those little things. I just hate looking like that gangly, funny looking twelve year old that people mistook for a boy. The kitchen was a mess, when me and Hawky got in there, Duran was being pelted with pots and pans while Roxy was being swarmed by rats! Luckily, that meant an all you can eat buffet (they’re a thing in the Capital) for Hawky. Everyone did their best to get out of the bad situation, and I even redirected enough pots to clang into each other until they fell down and stopped pelting Duran.

But the next room… I don’t know where to start. And please ignore the tear marks. Scrawled on the wall in what we hope is mud is “The Innocent Summon An Evil Fellow”, and for some reason after reading that Roxy went rabid and attacked me. She jumped on me and tried to rip out my throat, but only got shoulder instead. It’s kind of a blur, but the next thing I know, Duran has knocked her off of me and smashed her across the room. I… I don’t know what happened, but she… sorry… she just disappeared. I don’t know why she attacked me, but wherever she is, I hope she is alright. I’m really worried about her.


Author: Miranda

Queer gamer girl. Writer. Nerd. Probably a kitty. She/her. Nicknames include: Mira, Kitten, Nerd, Princess Candy Angel

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