Lalwë’s Journal – Entry One

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Duran. He was always a nice boy, never deserved to be treated like he was just for being a Night Person. Oh! Wait, let me back up a little. Sometimes I forget I am not just keeping these journals for myself. This is my first journal entry as part of the Sovereign’s Finest. Myself and Hawky (though you have to call him Lucian) have become part of the Sovereign’s Finest thanks to our magical aptitude. We’re travelling with two other Finest, warriors both. Duran, my friend from childhood, and a Roamer named Janna. And of course, Roxy is tagging along, though I am unsure if she’ll ever be able to join the ranks officially. Then again, I don’t know that I have ever met a Rhy-raccoon Finest. I digress.

Anyway, we’ve been tasked with heading into frontier territory, on our way to check in on some isolationists on the far fringes of Aldis. Travel has gone well so far, and it seems to me we all mesh well enough. I haven’t talked too much with Duran though. I am worried I did something to offend. I may just be paranoid though. Our reunion was pleasant though. I’m probably just looking too deeply into it. Anyway, on our way down the road, we came upon a very poorly laid trap. Although we could see it well before it would ever have been an issue, some poorly laid tripwires and poorly hidden people behind a caravan, Hawky none the less took to the sky to get exact numbers. I approached with caution and care, hoping we could talk things through, and thankfully the people were looking for less of a fight than I (though they surely gave off the wrong impression at first). A young man, Amos, addressed us and through a cracking voice attempted to I think intimidate us? But a gruff woman named Grizele, the only one armed with anything other than a shovel, barked him down. We had a brief conversation, mostly on why they would greet us in such a way, and come to find out people have routinely gone missing over the last year or so since they started settling Lakesheart. It’s a farming village in a drained river bed. Hard living, but the Sovereignty makes it worth it to them. Several of the people have blamed natives of the region, people they call Fens. I find it difficult to believe it is that easy, and I am wary to just assume it is these people. But still, a lead is a lead, and while we aren’t out here specifically for these people, we are Sovereign’s Finest none the less and our duty is to help the people. I almost worry that the Fens are having people abducted too, and they blame the settlers. Hopefully time will tell.

Unfortunately, the Fens turned out not to be a very talkative bunch. They ambushed us while on the way to Lakesheart. I did my absolute best to try and talk the situation down, but their opening barrage of spears made it a little difficult. I am not going to lie, I took quite a beating and were Duran not with us I think I would have died. He… I know he is strong, but I have never seen someone act like he did in combat. It was as though he let go and allowed the battle to take him over. I’m not going to say it wasn’t scary, I’ll just say I’m glad I’ll never have to try to fight him. I was surprized, though, that Janna arms herself with a quarterstaff just as I do. She clearly has a better grasp of the weapon, but I’m hardly a warrior. Even still, I’ve never known a warrior to rely seemingly solely on the staff. Perhaps it’s a Roamer thing? I’ll have to ask her. No part of me thinks though, that the Fens thought a Raccoon would come out of nowhere and knock one of their party down because she clamped her teeth into their leg. That would have been comical, I’ll be honest, were we not in such a dire situation. A lot of it is a blur to me. I’m not a warrior. But I did my best to keep them immobilized without hurting them. They covered themselves in plants and vines, so it wasn’t hard to use their armour against them. A few of them got away, and I am sorry to say that a few more didn’t make it. But we and the villagers did. And we brought one with us. They are uncooperative right now, but hopefully I can get through to them, and figure out why they ambushed us.


Author: Miranda

Queer gamer girl. Writer. Nerd. Probably a kitty. She/her. Nicknames include: Mira, Kitten, Nerd, Princess Candy Angel

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