Caledonia is the city where most of the game will take place. The home base of the campaign, as it were. Sure, your adventures may take you elsewhere, but Caledonia is the place you call home.

Like many cities in the 1990s, Caledonia is built on the past and looking toward the future. It is sprawling and diverse, with its own inner workings, politics and culture. It is a microcosm of the world around it, and a place that the characters will help bring to life!

At A Glance

First settled 1789
Founded 1801
Incorporated (city) 1832
• Mayor Richard Ross (R)
• Common Council Municipality
Population (1990)
• City 328,123
• County 968,532
Demonym(s) Caledonian

White 50.4%
Black / African American 38.6%
Hispanic and Latino 10.5%
Asian 3.2%

The map is a perpetual work in progress, with sites to be added and changed as the game continues! But for now, this is the map that they players have of their city


Full Size Map


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