The Grell’s Custom Character Sheets

Hey Fangrells! I like making character sheets for the systems and games I run. But what good are they if I don’t share them? So check it, they’re all free to use so long as you don’t claim them as your own, and you let me know what you think! The latter is honestly more a request than a stipulation for use.

I will continue to update this particular post with the sheets I make. Enjoy!

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
Red Steel

Adventure Game Engine
Magus Mundi (Homebrewed Modern AGE setting)*UPDATED*
Fallout (Fallout AGE hack)

Star Trek
Far Trek
LUG Trek
Star Trek Adventures

Star Wars
WEG 1st Edition


Author: Miranda

Queer gamer girl. Writer. Nerd. Probably a kitty. She/her. Nicknames include: Mira, Kitten, Nerd, Princess Candy Angel

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