Magus Mundi

Magus Mundi

What is Magus Mundi? Magus Mundi is a roleplaying game that uses Green Ronin’s Modern AGE system, with added content from the Fantasy AGE companion.

Magus Mundi is a game that takes place in a world close to our own, but slightly different. Through the looking glass, into an Earth of the 1990s where Mages and Magic exist alongside Monsters of Ancient Legend and Cryptids of Modern Lore. All existing just below the surface of a world that is about to have definitive proof that the arcane exists!

But to put a finer point on it, the game takes place just as the Player Characters are learning that there is a magical world just beneath the mundane. The PCs still have day jobs and obligations, family and friends. But they’ve just been thrust into a world they’ve only dreamed about.

Although the game is set in an Urban Fantasy version of Earth, Magus Mundi games are centered in the city of Caledonia, a fictional and deliberately ambiguously placed modern city somewhere in America (or possibly Canada).

The game will take place with the PCs starting as mundane people, unaware of a magical world (totes not cliché), when something happens and they find themselves awakened to the magical world around them, and thrust into a battle they never knew existed. But of course their mundane lives don’t go away, so they have to balance their jobs, family and so on against their new abilities. They’ll have a mentor, some mystical aid that will help them learn to control and use their new found powers in a war against probably Necromancers!

I’ll be posting updates on the setting regularly, and you can look forward to house rules and actual play soon!

Also! Check out the custom character sheet here!


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