Sontougi Wood

Sontougi – Asian Adventures with Fantasy AGE

Background Information
My wonderful Husbutch bought me the Fantasy AGE companion, and, while waiting for the physical copy, we delved into the PDF. (I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of the system, BTW). We looked over the new races, talents, specializations and spells, and both started formulating character concepts. Our friend took a look at it, and he, too, started coming up with a character idea. We had no idea what these characters were for, just all started with “huh, this could be a cool concept.” We started discussing our ideas over the week, and did a little waffling here and there. As you all may or may not have noticed, I have not been feeling Eurofantasy lately, so right as we started discussing, I pitched taking influence from East Asia. Normally, I push a little more for Chinese inspiration, but they’re both more familiar with Japanese culture if for no other reason than animé. So, we started to hash out some basic ideas while we rewatched Inuyasha, and we came up with our setting: Sontou. And the name of our campaign is Sontougi, or the Chronicles of Sontou

Sontou is the Precious Island, and the place where our game is set. It is a fantasy Japanese analogue, inspired by history, mythology, game material, and some rule of cool animé. The group is made up of a Half-Oni (Blooded) rogue named Ren (蓮), who is the son of a Daimyo. The Daimyo had no particular love for his son, but found the semi-demonic appearance something he could use to frighten his enemies. Not wanting that life for himself, Ren has become somewhat of a Ronin, and traveling bard/martial artist. Jin Gang, also called Kingou (金剛) is an enigmatic living machine (Orean) from the continent, who came with as part of an envoy some time in the past. He was activated when Ren and the third party member found him and uncovered him, the spark from the mage waking him. His memories are not clear, but somehow he ended up buried in sand for an unknown amount of time. The remainder of his envoy, all humans, died trapped in a cave. Hikaba Dappo (皓牙妲秀) is a Kitsune (Beastfolk) mage specializing in Beast and Illusion arcana, and arms herself with a spear. She doesn’t really have any driving goals right now, but she brought the party together, and is sort of the glue keeping them together for now. She tried to steal Ren’s money while he was sleeping against a tree, and the ensuing chase led them both onto the beach where Kingou was found. Dappo’s magic accidentally activated him, and Ren was taken with her looks and cute personality enough to excuse the attempted theft, that they decided to at least get off the beach and find a place for Kingou to eat. Their adventures together started as they entered a small village, one that Ren had recently been run out of for flirting with a married woman, only to find the entire town had been overrun by giant spiders. They found no survivors, and now find themselves searching for a way to at least alert the local lord of the issue. But, being a roleplaying game, things will probably not be that easy.

Map of Sontou
This is the map of Sontou I made for the game. I like map making, and all good campaigns deserve a map, right?


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